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MS Dynamics 365 FSCM – what’s new in Release 27?

Thursday July 7, 2022
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Dynamics release 29
Here’s the latest take on what’s new in Microsoft Dynamics 365 FSCM. Thanks to the One Version policy, you don’t need to pay for any upgrades – you just update your system with every Microsoft release. Read on to find out about the latest features.

Finance – Add a date filter when viewing unsettled ledger transactions

With this new button, the user is able to filter only unsettled transactions at the transactions list page of any account in the general ledger. The functionality allows you to enter a date while viewing only unsettled transactions on the Transactions for main account page. To enable this feature, go to the home screen, then select Feature management, look for Add a date filter when viewing unsettled ledger transactions, and click the [Enable now] button.

One Version release 27

When you enable this feature, a new button – [Show unsettled transactions] becomes available. When this option is selected, you can define the date when you want to filter these transactions. When you open the page Transactions for main account from the Trial balance report, the date default is the last day of the trial balance. So, this means you also get to choose which transactions are displayed. If you want to remove the date filter, you just have to press the button again and the date is removed – just like that.

Supply Chain Management – My day view for the production floor execution interface

The My day is the most recently added functionality to Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM. The user can visualize the history of the different processes they have executed on a given date, such as job start and stop, reporting progress on production tasks, breaks from work, and the comparison and balances between paid hours, total hours’ time and absences. The layout and the buttons visible will vary according to what was configured.

One Version release 27

Supply Chain Management – Planning Optimization support for subcontracting

The standard master planning engine is going to be replaced by the new Planning Optimization. So far, additional support has been periodically added to cover the common manufacturing scenarios. In typical manufacturing scenarios, some steps are often outsourced to subcontractors. In the latest update release, planning optimization now supports the calculation of planned purchase orders to fulfill the subcontracted tasks of a manufacturing process. In subcontracting scenarios, resources are owned by vendors. The Planning Optimization engine will consider vendor type operations and BOM (bill of materials) lines to calculate the corresponding purchase orders for the subcontracted services. To execute subcontracting in Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM, BOMs must include a service item representing the subcontracted process as well as the right type of vendor. This operation must be performed by a resource which also needs to be assigned to a vendor type. So now, with release 10.0.27, Planning Optimization supports the calculation of planned purchase orders to fulfil the subcontracted tasks of the manufacturing process.

One Version release 27

These four features are small improvements that mean a lot. Stay tuned for more updates.  Read also Microsoft One Version service updates FAQ.

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