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Dynamics Upgrade AX to 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management

The moment your company decides to migrate its Microsoft Dynamics AX system to the on-premise or cloud-based Dynamics 365 (FSCM) – XPLUS comes in. Our task is to guide you through the entire upgrade procedure, providing the specifics of the process, data, and recommendations that are the basis for making decisions. We have developed a unique approach to planning and carrying out the update process.
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Your business benefits from an upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 FSCM

We offer full transparency, resources, methodology, tools and techniques, utilizing expertise and knowledge of the entire team in the most effective and proven way. And that gives you:
The cloud-based platform enables you the use of SoLoMowhich allows, among other things, to support business development - production, warehouse, and sales, using mobile technology.
Your company can standardize processes and solutionswith a dispersed, multidimensional, and multinational structure without geographical barriers.
You can also broadly digitize the management of relationshipswith business partners and implement VMI.

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Migration to a cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 FSCM system enables you to manage, maintain and develop all business processes from ONE PLATFORM. When you decide on such a transformation, we will guide you through the entire process with our unique approach and the least possible business involvement from your side.
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What we adapt
XPLUS methodology combines Microsoft’s recommendations and practices with our know-how based on many years of experience.

For example, we extend Standard Migration Assessment with Custom Migration Assessment to allow an analysis of special customer requirements and adjusting the upgrade process accordingly.
Why this way?
We use expert knowledge and know-how to reduce upgrade costs and duration, and at the same time to identify business and technical areas to be improved.

‍Our method supports multinational companies via Hybrid upgrade and iterative upgrade processes to mitigate risks related to the BigBang approach.

What output you can expect?

An upgraded Microsoft Dynamics 365 FSCM system, strictly adapted to your business needs and expectations
Full documentation of your business processes
Business processes will be supported with Executive Automats - an automated regression, and a performance testing framework.
Your company will benefit from Microsoft Dynamics 365 One Version program.
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Products built on years of experience

At XPLUS we develop solutions supporting cross-platform automated testing (Executive Automats), data anonymization (XPLUS Data Protection Suite) and process automation (WEBCON BPS). They allow for the maintenance and development of the company's business processes, and enable a quick response to legal regulations (GDPR/PII, VAT/GST, etc.) and dynamically changing market needs.

We are proficient in solving complex tasks and challenges.

Our goal is an efficient response to unique customer needs. Our field of expertise is the implementation and development of solutions tailored to the specifics of dispersed, multinational organizations. We will be happy to help your business.

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