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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an innovative, intelligent, cloud-based set of business applications designed for the highest operational efficiency of business processes. It’s the solution for even the most demanding customers. XPLUS provides a comprehensive service catalogue for all Dynamics 365 applications.
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Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365

We offer full transparency, resources, methodology, tools and techniques, utilizing expertise and knowledge of the entire team in the most effective and proven way. And that gives you:
A cloud-based and always up-to-date set of business appsThere is no need to invest in a system upgrade or adapt applications to current market trends. It’s all done under Microsoft’s One Version policy.
Functionalities dedicated to various marketsWhether you need better control over the advancement of work in progress, an omnichannel experience for your customers, or fraud protection in your sales processes - it’s all there, in Dynamics 365.
Market advantagesYou minimize the costs of IT support and maintenance. Your business has immediate access to reliable information. Dynamics 365 improves scalability, increases savings and reduces the adoption and cycle time of all your process

Learn more about our Microsoft Dynamics unique implementation methodology

The first step is the team. Each member is a first-line employee from each department in your organization. Their expert knowledge brings necessary perspective on the system and changes that will affect all your business operations.
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Start with the plan
Preparation and planning
The first step is the team. Each member is a first-line employee and from the management of every department in your organization.
The newly created project team will evaluate current business processes and point out which can be improved or automated within the Dynamics 365 system. The idea is to prioritize, evaluate, strategize and determine all goals and scope of the implementation.
Have the review
Reviewing the procedure
An extensive review of all capabilities and functions of your ERP is a must.
The project team will get familiar with every aspect of the new solution. They will identify all proficiencies and skill gaps before going further and making a deeper dive into the project. Your team will also verify which processes can be automated by the new system. They will ensure that all needed modifications have been made before rollout. With that, the automation process will proceed smoothly.
Prepare your data
In this step, it’s necessary to define which existing data should be converted to the Dynamics 365 system.
At the end of this step, data will be segment checked, cleaned, and collected and into spreadsheets with logically organized tables. This will streamline conversion to Dynamics 365.
Train and verify
Testing and training
In this part of the process, the project team practice with a test database. It contains real transactions data from a given time (e.g. week).
The ideal scenario is to train methodology with the new system and vary it by the workforce. To make any training method more effective, you can: train your tech-savvy employees as Dynamics 365 superusers, gamify parts of the process, and offer an incentive to complete training on time.
Start with the plan
Preparation and planning
To make sure that everything will work as expected, a go-live checklist is recommended.
Post-go-live system testing, schedule and budget for staff (overtime or temporary), system downtime communication protocols, network bandwidth, and reliability checks, data backup process.

Microsoft Dynamics tailored to your needs

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance
With the Dynamics Finance module, you will seamlessly move from transactional financial management to proactive measures that increase revenue, reduce financial risk, improve decision making, and reduce business operating costs.
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management
With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain you will be able to anticipate potential disruptions in the production line and streamline the process of manufacturing and bringing a product to market.
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations
Create clear business processes that are focused on collaboration, sharing experiences and jointly achieving business success in the organization. Focus on project work - from estimating business prospects to payments to profits.
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce
Build exceptional, fully personalized, shopping experiences for your customers and partners. Give your customers the ability to shop when, how, and where they want - on any device.
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service
By implementing Microsoft Dynamics Field Services, you will guarantee actions that anticipate, detect, and resolve service issues before customers even know a problem exists.
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Products built on years of experience

At XPLUS we develop solutions supporting cross-platform automated testing (Executive Automats), data anonymization (XPLUS GDPR Anonymization Tool) and process automation (Webcon). They allow for the maintenance and development of the company's business processes, and enable a quick response to legal regulations (GDPR/PII, VAT/GST, etc.) and dynamically changing market needs.

We are proficient in solving complex tasks and challenges.

Our goal is an efficient response to unique customer needs. Our field of expertise is the implementation and development of solutions tailored to the specifics of dispersed, multinational organizations. We will be happy to help your business.

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