Executive Automats

The easiest and most complete, zero-coding, automated testing suite for Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 FO & CR

Super Easy Test Automation
No coding and no developers and needed to create and maintan test scenarios. You may easily create ready to use automated tests in seconds.

65% Time Savings on Automated Testing
Due to limited resources, you need to select what not to test? If this is that simple now, why not to test all your core business processes every day? Now you can!

Set-up Precise Security Permissions 4x Faster
EA optimizes security permissions set-up and gives your users the exact permissions they need to perform their job.

Find Out How Your System Performs Under Stress
EA shows you how your system will perform under stress by allowing you to simulate even 1000’s of business users

Regression Tests
Run complete regression testing suites in just few clicks. You may create a real end-to-end testing scenarios

Process Based Security
Give your users a super precise roles duties and privileges

Multi Entity Benefits
Utilize your testing scripts at different entities and environments or create process documentation for selected country.

Performance Tests
Stress your system by simulating hundreds of real users action and your real business processes

Process Documenation
Create updated business process documentation in seconds. It is always updated as the regression testing side-effect!

Process Presentation
Use scripts to describe your needs and speed up deployments circle.

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