System verification with benefits

Test automation allows to significantly shorten (up to 65%) the test
procedure and increase its accuracy. Executive Automats offers fully
repeatable, customizable, 100% codeless, and cross-platform testing
that translates into tangible benefits for the company.
A sensible investment
You can save your money by moving to automated testing.
Cost and time saving
Don’t waste time and resources on repetitive tasks.
Knowledge base
Create and maintain up-to-date documentation of your business processes.
No-code testing
Build and run tests without using any code.
Functional and regression testing
Making sure your system is working properly after an update, modification, code release, etc.
Performance testing
Identification of possible performance problems while simulating real user actions in the application.
Knowledge base
Thorough and always up-to-date documentation of business processes in your company.
65% time savings
Test automation with Executive Automats allows for a much faster and more accurate testing.
Detailed test reports
You have full insights into the results and details of all tests performed on your system.
Test suite execution with scheduler
A function allowing to create scheduled executions of individual test scripts or entire test suites.
Test script recorder
Record user actions and business processes performed in the system and recreate them for various testing purposes.
Meet our team

We have been implementing and supporting Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 FSCM applications for over 20 years

Our role is to make sure that all your business processes are safe and smoothly executed. That’s why we developed a no-code solution to test your system before and after go-live.
On top of providing an excellent tool for test automation, we can also provide experienced testers and test managers to help you kick start the project.
Szymon Sosnowski
Rafał Nojszewski
Mariusz Walter

We are proficient in solving complex tasks and challenges.

Our goal is an efficient response to unique customer needs. Our field of expertise is the implementation and development of solutions tailored to the specifics of dispersed, multinational organizations. We will be happy to help your business.

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