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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner

We offer expert knowledge, experience, methodology and the necessary tools for migration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 FSCM with the least possible business involvement. Our task is to deliver value through transformation.
"If a company knows WHY it needs an upgrade to Dynamics 365, we follow knowing HOW.”
Most companies perceive system migration as a purely technological project, but it’s the wrong perspective. The starting point is always the business value that we want to gain from transformation, so above all, it is a business venture.

Karol Sudnik


A beneficial step towards Microsoft Dynamics 365

In-depth knowledge and over 300 realized projects allow us to develop a unique methodology for an upgrade to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem. We have described the details of our method in the book How to upgrade Microsoft Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365? - available on Amazon!

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What we offer

Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 FSCM

Our experience in this field led us to develop a unique upgrade methodology. The method imposes close cooperation between the customer and the XPLUS expert teams, from the first to the last step of an upgrade. Its foundation lies in a simple assumption. Each customer – from the retail, construction and manufacturing industry – has different goals and needs, operating in a unique business and technological environment.
Technical upgrade

Full upgrade of the code and data with no process change, no optimization and deep analysis. This approach assumes plain code transfer, followed by testing and cutover plans.

Data structure and code development from scratch. It’s conducted with the assumption that the given solution is obsolete and requires process streamlining.
Hybrid upgrade

A hybrid of a reimplementation and technical upgrade (or technical upgrade and CRP activities) is used when the solution is effective but difficult to modify.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 FSCM Business Applications Solutions Ecosystem Tailored to customer needs and environment.
Unique upgrade
It combines Microsoft's recommendations and practices with our own know-how based on many years of experience.
Executive Automats We empower Microsoft Dynamics 365 FSCM with an automated regression testing framework to let a business adapt quickly and fully benefit from Microsoft One Version program.
“Before, most orders had to be processed manually. Now, with Dynamics 365 Customer Service, the entire sales process is automated. Once the client clicks the “BUY” button, in just 6 minutes the distribution center can see the order and send it on its way. It only involves a salesperson if the system sees an issue, for example, if the product isn’t in stock.”

Marcel Klaja
Dynamics 365 Specialist at x-kom
What we offer

Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications Solutions Ecosystem (BASE)

We tailor Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications Solutions to a customer's business and its business environment. The process starts with the Microsoft Catalyst methodology to match business strategy and transformational goals. We draw a map leading from strategic goals to system capabilities, so that anyone involved understands why and how digitization will support business strategy.
The right methods

We follow the best practices and methods recommended by Microsoft, including Conference Room Pilot (CRP), for managing implementation projects.
Pilots and scopes

The CRP approach works excellent for divisible scopes and is realized in pilots – separately deployed fragments of the solution.
Change management

Projects are supported by Prosci® Change Management method to address the people side of change.
Business value mapping To connect a customer’s goals and strategies with project capabilities.
Dynamics 365 Business Applications Solutions Ecosystem Fully tailored to a customer’s needs and expectations.
Unique proprietary tools For implementation process, and later for regression, performance and automated testing before and after go-live (Executive Automats).
Today we can generate reports with just a few clicks, providing all relevant data, which is extremely important for our customers and carriers. Settlements that once lasted up to 5 days are now completed in about one. I could compare the support system used in our company to an organism that lives and develops, and this process has not ended so far.

Marek Ligocki
Production Director at Warbud-Beton Sp. z o. o.
What we offer

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REACH THE CLOUDS How to Upgrade to Dynamics 365

Watch the webinar and learn how to  transform your finance department with AI – Infused Power Platform in Dynamisc 365.

Products built on years of experience

At XPLUS we develop solutions supporting cross-platform automated testing (Executive Automats) & data anonymization (XPLUS Data Protection Suite). They allow for the maintenance and development of the company's business processes, and enable a quick response to legal regulations (GDPR/PII, VAT/GST, etc.) and dynamically changing market needs.

All construction and real estate in a single, cloud-based system

Dynamics 365 is the best choice of an integrated IT system for the construction industry. It allows for the controlling of every part of the project seamlessly and most cost-effectively.
One place for all data
You have access to all information. For example, no invoice is lost, regardless of how many subcontractors are in the project.
A uniform way of building
You can manage, divide and realize your projects most efficiently and conveniently.
Everything under control
You smoothly control everything: current settlements, work results, contract provisions, margins, guarantee deposits, etc.

Balanced production
in the cloud

If your products should meet customers’ expectations, you must balance all your processes (e.g. discrete or combined) in a single, cloud-based solution.
More accuracy
You can increase accuracy by advanced monitoring of raw material consumption, time and attendance, and others.
All operations visible
Gather, integrate and visualize all data related to production orders and optimize your daily procedures.
Planning improvement
Boost your long-term planning efficiently.

Empowering business


Shorter time to value

CRP (Conference Room Pilot) methodology significantly shortens time to value, so the customer can see the results of a project before it ends.

Unique tools for faster rollouts

We have developed a method for building global templates for capital groups and support their effective rollouts with our unique tool for automatic tests and methodology of their creation.

Knowledge to contribute from

A company has access to the knowledge base and up-to-date publications on Microsoft Dynamics 365 updates (One Version policy) and new features prepared for our customers.

Expert industry knowledge and solutions

A retail, construction or manufacturing company is provided with our industry expertise, developed over years of running projects for our customers.

A holistic approach to digital transformation

XPLUS provides proper tools and methods to align and support all customer’s strategic goals, leading to specific outcomes.

A team of experts

If a company needs a team of experts experienced in complex multinational implementations, upgrades and maintenance of Dynamics 365 – here they are.

We are proficient in solving complex tasks and challenges.

Our goal is an efficient response to unique customer needs. Our field of expertise is the implementation and development of solutions tailored to the specifics of dispersed, multinational organizations. We will be happy to help your business.

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