The Data Protection Suite is a sophisticated data anonymization tool dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics 365. DPS supports a wide variety of privacy and risk models, data transformation methods as well as methods for analyzing the usability of the output data. DPS can be used in various contexts, including commercial big data analytics platforms, research projects, manufacturing and construction companies while complying with legal and local regulations.

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To ensure data security following legal requirements. Especially concerning the provisions related to the GDPR (EU 2016/679) and other regulations.

To protect your customers’ data, under the best business practices.

To avoid the processing and storage of sensitive data in processes (e.g. testing) where they are not required.

To facilitate and significantly accelerate the anonymization process of a huge amount of sensitive data.



Individual anonymization and pseudonymization of specific persons’ data at the production environment. Reporting and masking of sensitive data at the user interface level.

‍Customizable data search scanner, customizable hashing alphabets, formats, hash groups and hashing methods.

Mass Data Anonymization and Pseudonymization (reversible anonymization). Process is fully optimized for performance.

Simple reporting on the anonymization status and

Comply with regulations
Register and handle individual requests for data removal and fulfil the general GDPR principle of “right to be forgotten”.
No coding required
Create your own personal data search configurations. Once prepared they will be available for all authorized users across organization.
Predefined configuration
Use predefined setup to search for personal data.
Access rights management
Managing access levels of system users (or system roles) to configure search conditions.
Support Various Anonymization Methods
Irreversible anonymization and pseudonymization.
Job automation
Schedule and run regular searches to encrypt personal data that should no longer be processed due to loss of business relations.
Data retention for legal and tax authorities
Pseudonymize to protect sensitive data, while keeping decryption option in the event of a request from a legal authority.
Prevent commercial data loss
Define your own search and data anonymization rules to ensure that no customer data with open orders, unpaid invoices are lost.


Fully customizable mass data anonymization with multiple parametrization options to customize hashing methods and expected hashing outputs. Convenient anonymization of any selected data existing in the database (master data and transaction tables).


Hash quality
Generating random strings to replace the original data, maintaining the uniqueness condition.

Easy of the process
The sensitive data encryption process can be efficiently carried out by non-IT specialists.

Proving the conducted anonymization based on a unique ID without the need to identify a specific person.

Protection of company’s sensitive information
Register and handle individual requests for data removal and fulfil the general GDPR principle of “right to be forgotten”.
Powerful data scanner
Search across all table in the database to identify fields with potentially sensitive information.
Predefined sensitive data list
Easy start with predefined list of data sensitive system tables and Extended Data Types.
Customizable hashing alphabets, formats, hash groups and hashing methods.
Process control
View execution status on progress bars, review process logs.
Export / import functionality
Move configurations between environments.
Create reports on the locations of sensitive data in the system and reports on the conducted anonymization.
Consistent database structure
Ensure mask uniqueness, use the same masks for identical original data values.
Completeness and precision
Search entire database for potentially sensitive information. Adopt individual masking methods for different fields.


Xplus data anonymization tool was created for customers and Microsoft partners who want to mass anonymize sensitive data in a fully customizable way, without any development, who want to be GDPR compliant and want to care for their own and their business partners’ data privacy.



Production environment vs. anonymized data
In your organization you deal with production data on a daily basis. But can you actually use them for testing? Are there any situations when you want them hidden? Definitely so. That’s why apart from production data, you’re dealing with anonymized data:

Personal anonymization tool RODO

Sensitive Production Data

This is the best data you can fathom for development, visualization, testing, analytics or prototyping.

However, production data are heavily guarded because of privacy, legal regulations, licensing costs as well as system resources.

This means, production data


Personal anonymization tool RODO

Secure Anonymized Data

Anonymization masks sensitive elements in the production data, which means you’re left with important characteristics, such as statistical distribution, relationships or anomalies.

Anonymization can be automated to create safely usable copies of production data. What’s more, this does not entail any additional costs.

You can safely provide real-life inspired, de facto, dummy data without breaching compliance regulations.

“If a business can’t show that good data protection is a cornerstone of their practices, they’re leaving themselves open to a fine or other enforcement action that could damage bank balance or business reputation.”

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