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Friday August 5, 2022
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A single solution for managing processes & resources is a basic necessity in the contemporary digitalized business environment. Making the most of big data analytics and machine learning means that software such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM gives companies the right tools to tackle the very changing scenario of monitoring valve manufacturing. The software, in turn, also needs monitoring. But how do you go about it?

Server roles

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM Monitoring Service is an NT-style service that monitors all Dynamics 365 server roles running on your local computer. No info is transmitted outside the computer where the service is running. The monitoring service can be installed with the installation of any Dynamics 365 Server role. What this system does is fundamentally a sanity server roles’ check that are running on the local computer by means of a series of tests. Typically, the monitoring takes place every quarter of an hour and always the last ten log entries are kept before being replaced with more recent records.

Visualizing monitoring results

All events are recorded in the Application section of Event Viewer. By default, detailed monitoring results are saved as XML files. You can use a web browser to visualize the monitoring logs. You can also record the monitoring results in the configuration database. This means than in the future, you can simply use an SQL query to visualize the monitoring information for deployment purposes.

How to use alerts to monitor filtered data in Dynamics 365 for SCM

Users often want to choose what they receive notifications about and the objects they supervise. By creating alerts on filtered views, they can avoid unnecessary notifications they’re not interested in. For example, I can only receive a notification when statuses change. But this seems very broad, so I can filter which status changes exactly I am interested in. In other words, I decide on the granularity of data the alerts are based on.

Monitoring at your fingertips

Considering the complexity of valve manufacturing, monitoring an ERP system such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM is a must. And the news is great – effective monitoring is possible and within reach. It is just a matter of awareness and configuration. Sounds like something you may find useful in your valve manufacturing plant? Reach out and see how here, at XPLUS, we work with other valve manufacturers.

Check how we can opitimze your MS Dynamics 365 SCM support here.

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