Quality & Compliance in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the valve manufacturing industry

Monday July 25, 2022
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the valve

Quality control

Quality control requires testing products and managing non-conforming valve products. Quality management processes help ensure a better level of product quality in the supply chain. Such processes facilitate optimizing supply chain processes and customer satisfaction. Quality management can help your organization manage lead times. You can link diagnostic results to correction tasks. The system can schedule tasks to correct problems and, therefore, help prevent these problems from recurring in the future.

Quality management also means categorizing problems (including internal ones) by problem type, and identifying solutions as short-term or long-term fixes. KPIs provide information about compliance problems that have occurred in the past and the solutions applied to ameliorate them. You can use historical data to help you review the effectiveness of previously implemented quality measures and determine appropriate actions in the future.
By setting up a quality association, Supply Chain Management can generate quality orders for various business processes, events and conditions. The quality association can cover a specific item, a certain group of items or all items.


Any system for accounting or asset management has the potential to comply with external requirements. Unfortunately, keeping a system compliant takes time. Government contractor system administrators used to spend extraneous amounts of time making sure their input matched the requirements. No longer. And not only them.

Regardless of what you need to be compliant with, Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM can help you find your way around the thicket. And if you’re not sure how to configure the system and what customizations you need, you can always let professionals do the work for you. And you can just sit back, relax and enjoy a fully compliant system.

Compliance has many facets. It can also refer to being compliant with data protection regulations such as GDPR in Europe or PII in the US. Individuals are granted certain rights in connection with the processing of their personal data, including the right to correct the data, delete data or restrict data processing, receive their data, and fulfill a request to transmit the data to another controller. The controller is responsible for providing a timely and GDPR consistent reply.

Do-it-all system service

Whatever the service need within the context of Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM, you may want to reach out to a company like XPLUS. A service provider can help you by taking over the tasks connected with quality and compliance. And more importantly, they know how to make sure quality and compliance requirements are met when using Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM. So, thanks to such an approach, you can focus on your core activities. Curious? Reach out to us Microsoft Dynamics 365 FSCM / AX support

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