XPLUS Collaboration Platform – manage all your subcontractors from the one place?

Agata Witkowska
Friday May 12, 2023
2 min read
Dynamics 365 Collaboration Platform
Do you find it difficult to seamlessly work with subcontractors?

Miscommunication and misunderstanding in collaboration with subcontractors generate a high risk of inaccuracies in the scope of work, timeliness, and quality, leading to delays, reworks, and additional costs.

Incomplete and scattered project documentation and agreements shared through e-mails and phone calls cause disruptions and delays throughout the whole project life cycle.

Inaccurate and unstructured settlements with subcontractors result in obstructed cash flow, project delays, and budget overruns.

The ability to communicate with all subcontractors makes it easier to work together by establishing a single source of truth. This is how XPLUS Collaboration Platform gives your team and subcontractors easy access to everything they need to know to get the job done and provide you with a powerful tool for controlling the project budget, approval processes, quality unified standards, and streamlining the processes for managing settlements.

Ready to take your project to the next level?

Explore the advanced functionalities of XPLUS Collaboration Platform:
  • centralized repository for hand-over protocols with project oriented, detailed checklists, providing accuracy in fulfilling project requirement and cost settlement;
  • compliance control of handover protocols to match purchase invoices from subcontractors;
  • higher productivity and smooth work progress without delays;
  • quality assurance and unified standards within all subcontractors;
  • quicker problem solving, using a collaboration platform, where identified issues can be automatically picked up by subcontractors, minimizing project disruptions;
  • posting subcontractor’s invoices automatically generates proposals of sale invoices in reference to the exact project phase and purchase agreement and provides better budget control and saves time;
  • monitoring subcontractor’s contracts progress by value and percentage, provides accuracy in budget control;
  • automated processes for allocating and returning performance bonds to subcontractors saves time and improves the settlement process.

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