Top 10 Dynamics 365 Benefits. Advantages of a Microsoft ERP System

Saturday October 15, 2022
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Benefits

What are the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365? 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based or on-prem solution which offers everything you need, in one place. It is an ERP system that helps you in implementing more streamlined processes through intuitive dashboards and comprehensive reports.  In a larger perspective – if your internal processes are working well, your customer will benefit in the end. And no matter what kind of business you are, customers are the most important assets, and managing these customer relationships is the foundation for sustaining and growing your business. Integration is another aspect – Microsoft Dynamics 365 services can be integrated with the tools that businesses already use. These include SharePoint, Excel, Teams, and Outlook. Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings the power of digital intelligence to every business decision. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 benefits 

Here go the top 10 benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 that have been chosen for you to consider.  Time to explore the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and how this ERP software can help you improve your business processes, and ultimately boost sales. So, you will find here, for your convenience, the top 10 Microsoft Dynamics 365 benefits – the ones that stand out the most. 


Dynamics 365 Benefits

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a cloud-based solution with features such as access control for applications and data that are built into the cloud services. When you're using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to assist business, although your data is in a data center, you own it. Microsoft merely acts as a keeper and guards your data using encryption.  Did you know Microsoft was the first cloud provider to comply with ISO 27018, which ensures a range of ethical guidelines laid out for data security? And if you’re still unsure about the cloud, it is going to stay with us for longer. According to Gartner, by 2024 more than 45% of IT spending will shift from traditional systems to the cloud. Still not convinced? Choose the on-prem version and keep ‘em files with you?. 

Connected: everyone – everywhere 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Benefits

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you tear down all the walls and unite the front office and back office with a single end-to-end ecosystem for managing all aspects of your business. Leveraging integrated functionality enables organizations to connect their entire business. And most of the apps you will be connecting to, you already know – Word and Excel just to name two.   

 Actionable insights 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Benefits

In this hyper-competitive market, having complete, real-time visibility into all the areas of the business can create a difference between success and failure. It is not enough to simply collect data; it needs to be turned into actionable insights. Microsoft Dynamics 365 benefits you in such a way that it provides in-built business intelligence and analytics embedded in the business process. Microsoft is a leader in process systems. Their software has been tested in the industry; indeed, it is the most widely tested software around from giants like Coca Cola to start-up from 10 years ago. What you get is tried, tested, and trusted. 

 Sales and marketing processes improved 

Microsoft ERP System

 Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps sales and marketing teams identify sales opportunities to drive increased revenue. Using the data collected and combining it with Power BI and analytics, the solution enables organizations to create targeted promotional campaigns that are timely and highly relevant to the consumer. You’re able to work smarter as Microsoft Dynamics 365 is predictive based on AI (Artificial Intelligence). Let’s say in your business there are 20 major customers. Every time they place an order, this is recorded and analyzed, so you can plan production and warehousing. Based on such data, you can also plan consecutive product launches. 

 Enhanced customer services thanks to intuitive UI  

Microsoft ERP System

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, the customer service team can improve case management with a 360-degree view of their customers. The user interface is process-driven that streamlines case management, helping the service representatives to deliver constant and effective customer care. The system is tailored to your specific needs and sophisticated, yet easy to use by non-technical folk.  Microsoft Dynamics is the go-to provider for global business because of the predictability of the interface. Microsoft have been the pioneers of ERP in terms of collaboration between apps in order to optimize business processes and simplify the user experience. Most of the time, your business user can do a two-minute tutorial on how to use a piece of the system. Let’s say for the moment you need to know how to do invoices – well, there you go with the tutorial. When you need to learn more, you do so in batches and learn the system bit by bit. 

 Works on a subscription model 

Microsoft ERP System

 Microsoft licenses Dynamics 365 applications based on a range of models consisting of assigned licenses that are dedicated to a single user or a device as well as unassigned licenses that provide access to a feature or service. Most of the Dynamics 365 licensing follows the base plus attach model. It provides an economical way for a single user licensed for several applications. If you want to license a core business Microsoft Dynamics 365 application, you can get either a base or an attach license.   Here’s more from Microsoft: Microsoft Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Licensing Resources. 


Microsoft ERP System

A monthly subscription that is needed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 to operate comes with a scheduled monthly subscription; this gives you the option to scale up and down the changes according to your requirements.  A monthly operational cost and subscription model is far more flexible than capital costs. Also, Microsoft Dynamics 365 gets rid of the need to manage your own data center and server. This, in turn, leads to significant savings.  

 Complex data simplified  

Microsoft ERP System

Microsoft Dynamics 365 modifies the way businesses manage customer data and daily situations. This helps remove the barriers between critical business platforms and makes your data work together. The core of this concept of the Microsoft Common Data Model is to share the business database. It is the common ground that connects all your data and processes together, so you can once and for all forget about information silos.   

 Increased ROI (Return of Investment) 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Benefits

With the combination of CRM, Office, ERP, and additional apps, Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives insights to your people on how to make the best decisions and also provides you with the tools you need to work on. It provides a data model that is people-centric making employees’ daily work easier and improves their productivity.   


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Benefits

There are obviously more Microsoft Dynamics 365 benefits, but our list is limited to just ten. So, the last but not least is that you have access to built-in predictive analytics and real-time insights. Cortana Intelligence, Power BI, and Azure Machine Learning are all natively embedded in the Dynamics ecosystem. This gives you access to predictive insights, practical advice, and actionable next steps.   In fact, when using Microsoft Dynamics 365, you’re functioning within an ecosystem, where everything works together. Compare this to the other software available and you’ll see that other major systems not only require technical expertise but are also limited in terms of cooperation with other systems.   

Microsoft Dynamics 365 benefits with XPLUS 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides you with the perfect opportunity to streamline your product line and make your business more agile while reducing costs. If you are planning to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 FSCM (Finance and Supply Chain Management) within your organization and you’re looking for an implementation partner, XPLUS is right here to accompany you. With us it’s not just about buying a product – you’re getting implementation services together with the care and interaction of people ready to assist you every step of the way. So, don’t think B2B (business to business), but rather H2H – human to human. 

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