Business Process Management – Document Management Software with WEBCON BPS

Wednesday June 22, 2022
1 min read
Save your seat here: KEY TAKEAWAYS
  • Overall view of functionalities of Webcon BPS 
  • Navigation in Webcon BPS portal 
  • How to work in forms/documents 
  • How to create new workflows using built-in tool 
  • OCR - artificial intelligence to recognize text in documents (invoices) 
  • Presentation of paperless workflows (case study
1.Home page – portal
  • View description
  • My tasks
  • User information  
  • Applications
  • Favorites
  • Language change
2. Applications 
  • Dashboard
  • Menu (Starting, Reports, Searching)
3. Process 
  • Menu description  
  • Steps + flowchart
  • Attributes
  • Transition paths 

4. Webcon Studio (technical details)

5. Designer Desk  (technical details)

6. Case study - workflow simulation 
  • Leave requests
  • Invoices including OCR

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