Automated regression testing – nuts and bolts for any ERP system

Thursday June 30, 2022
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Automated regression testing

There is no way to ensure process continuity and stability for your ERP system without a regression testing strategy in place. On top of frequent updates forcing tests, deployments, and scaling new rollouts, you constantly need to check for bugs and fix them in a timely manner. Without regression testing, the managing of testing environments and testing projects end up being ineffective. Make sure that you perform tests whenever new upgrades and new versions are implemented. Update the scripts with every new functionality or feature coming in and create new test cases if needed. It seems a lot of work but with a tailored automated regression testing framework, you can bring order to chaos.

Should I really perform automated regression testing?

In the case of an ERP system, the answer to the question is always “yes”. Of course, automated regression testing benefits are not immediate. Then why bother? And indeed, more often than not, regression testing is considered of no (or little) value. The management asks why old features and timeworn functionalities that were developed in the old days need to be checked at all. The truth is, the testing team and testing managers need to be made aware of how important it is to find bugs and deviations as early as possible. They need to see the big picture – what if the core functions went haywire and what would the business impact be if they stopped working. They might not know ROI stats for early error detection. And they need to see that one of the automated regression testing benefits is reduced time and effort for manual testing, too. A proven approach to ERP testing comprises defining clear and broad regression testing goals, sharing knowledge, and detailed planning. Stay business savvy. Due diligence in the form of automated regression testing is key to keeping the critical processes intact.

Switch to automated testing to catch a regression

Automated testing tools are not a novelty and are common in a number of business areas, also to facilitate the regression testing process. However, recently they have been applied for testing ERP platforms. For Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management (old F&O), Microsoft has launched a dedicated free package – Regression Suite Automation Tool (RSAT). Yet, in the case of complex ERP systems with multiple sets of data and business processes to cover, a large number of testing teams, and wide test coverage, it is more reasonable to use an independent tool. It not only guarantees improved efficiency but –  in the long run – it will help your company to mitigate any business continuity risks. Our suggestion is to implement the Executive Automats tool that has been designed and tailored particularly to the requirements of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment.

Bug-free software and builds – automatic regression testing

It is an undeniable fact that manual regression testing consumes a gigantic amount of time and resources. With complex and fast-paced ERP platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft One Version releases, you need a user-friendly, yet advanced and flexible automated regression testing framework. For example, regression testing with the Executive Automats (EA) tool is a practical help during the implementation phase but also a great benefit and support when upgrading from AX2009 or 2012. Its use facilitates both maintenance as well as guarantees lifelong system stability. After deployment, EA allows automatic process flaw detection. If you are in doubt about how to go about planning the testing activities, our team of experts can tailor test suites exactly to specific needs and business requirements so that with each new implementation we can deliver standardized versions. Executive Automats also makes it possible to involve users with no in-house knowledge or programming skills in testing which is cost-efficient and helps to reduce resources dedicated to testing processes.

Define and conquer

No regression testing suite in place, running ad hoc tests for issues as they come up, or relying on functional and UAT testing – this all can cost your business an arm and a leg. Not to mention negative consequences for the ERP system performance, the health of the software, and also the company's operational side. And while the automated regression testing process also costs both time and money, at the end of the day, it is a recommended approach. A well-defined approach, including a robust regression testing strategy, will bring substantial benefits to your ERP system development. It improves software quality and reduces risks that might affect business continuity. To aid the testing process and conquer the challenges on the way, make sure you use an advanced and comprehensive tool that makes regression testing faster, easier, and more cost-effective.

With a tool such as Executive Automats, you also take away the complexity of the testing projects and – ultimately, shorten the implementation and maintenance testing phase.

See our e-book about testing methodology.

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