Two-way communication with the bank

Eliminate the need to manually exchange information with the bank, increase security, avoid errors when transferring data for wire transfers, and streamline accounting processes.
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, AX 2012
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Implementation within a week
HTTPS double encryption
Logging in with certificates, tokens
Elimination of manual file sharing
Automatic transfer of payment orders, their authorization and receipt of information on errors (e.g., account balance too low)
Increased security
Replace manually transmitted text files with automatic transmission via webservices with HTTPS dual encryption.
Optimization and performance
Support for large transaction volumes, ability to operate in fixed cycles e.g. night mode.
Automatic logging
Authorization in the electronic banking system directly from AX/D365 with the possibility of keeping the session open.
Payment pairing with ledgers
Tagging outgoing transfers and recognizing transactions on the bank statement and pre-assigning to accounts.
Time saving
Verification of incoming transactions to bank accounts, assignment to sales invoices, customer ledger accounts, settlement balances.
Posting of bank charges
Automatically identify typical bank costs such as transaction fees or commissions.
Eight banks as standard
Support for electronic banking systems Alior Bank, Santander, Millennium, Pekao, PKO BP, ING (others as an option)

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