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Recorded WEBINAR
  • Testing

Test Microsoft Dynamics 365 One Version updates automatically or drown in chaos


Key Takeaways

  • The importance of MS Dynamics 365 One Version updates
  • Planning automatic MS Dynamics 365 One Version updates testing
  • Mitigating the risks of not (automatic) testing
  • Testing

How to organize, optimize and energize your MS Dynamics 365 FSCM testing and maintenance with automation?


You will learn:

  • where automats can be used
  • how to squeeze the most out of a test automation tool
  • how to use scripts for process optimization
  • how to become more resilient to unforeseen situation
  • Data Protection

The Business Perspective on Why and How to Efficiently Protect Sensitive Data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 FSCM



  • Prevent data leakage in your organization 
  • Make NDAs a non-issue
  • Protect sensitive data on any environment
  • Webcon

How to plan production and automate execution processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (SCM)

  • Planning challenges within manufacturing business
  • Overview of Dynamics 365 SCM functionalities for scheduling and production optimization
  • From shop floor to top floor: production floor execution interface and workspace dashboard
  • Data Protection

How to address crucial data protection risks in Microsoft Dynamics AX/365?


Business practitioners, as well as scientists, agree that information resources are of strategic importance to any company. This means that being properly protected can help to gain a competitive advantage in the market. The high business value of sensitive data is also a temptation for numerous abuses that are guarded by a number of regulations, including GDPR.

  • Webcon

Business Process Management – Document Management Software with WEBCON BPS

  • Overall view of functionalities
  • Navigation in Webcon BPS portal 
  • How to work in forms/documents 
  • How to create new workflows using built-in tool 
  • OCR – artificial intelligence to recognize text in documents 
  • Presentation of paperless workflows 
  • Data Protection

How to cope with Sensitive Data Anonymization in MS Dynamics

  • What does it take to anonymize or pseudonymize data in ERP system?
  • What are typical challenges when addressing data anonymization requirements?
  • How to fulfill GDPR/PII requirements in MS Dynamics AX/365 fast, complete and effective?
  • Upgrade

REACH THE CLOUDS How to Upgrade to Dynamics 365



  • The upgrade strategies for Retail – approach and advantages.
  • One version policy saves your money – the last Upgrade ever.
  • Upgrade process step-by-step.
  • The capabilities of Dynamics and Power Apps ecosystem.
  • Data Protection

How to Protect Sensitive Data in Microsoft Dynamics AX/365

  • How to fulfill GDPR requirements in MS Dynamics AX/365 with no code?
  • How to prepare data from MS Dynamics AX/365 for the 3rd party testers and developers?
  • A tool that helps to protect sensitive data in MS Dynamics AX/365 in a fast and effective way.

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