International leader in mass production implements Dynamics 365 FSCM with XPLUS

Patrycja Kopania
Wednesday February 8, 2023
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PACCOR NA, INC. worked closely with XPLUS to achieve the optimal standard solutions of Microsoft Dynamics and to maximize the use of the cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem. PACCOR NA, INC. chose to use standard, proven processes rather than to customize the system to suit its procedures. Among other things, the new ERP system will improve, simplify, optimize, and automate financial and accounting processes. Also, it will integrate controlling processes to guarantee better reporting, increase both efficiency and quality of processes and reduce the time needed to implement functional changes in the system. In conclusion, the new ERP system will increase PACCOR’s competitiveness in the market thanks to making it possible to respond dynamically to growing customer expectations.

PACCOR GROUP is a leading international player in the packaging industry with around 4,000 dedicated employees in 17 countries, 16 manufacturing locations, nine sales offices, and one development and innovation center. Its headquarters is located in Düsseldorf, Germany. Having the intention of streamlining production and gaining even better control over the quality of information, Bury has decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the organization and they have chosen XPLUS as their implementation partner.

Dynamics 365 manufacturing


The ERP system PACCOR GROUP has been using so far will no longer be updated and supported by its vendor. Additionally, the data used and processed within an organization is not fully harmonized. Increasing the correctness and availability of information in the new ERP system will enable managing teams to make informed decisions in areas such as working time and cost.


The solution to the challenges that they faced was implementing in PACCOR NA, INC, a modern, integrated, and cloud-based Microsoft ERP platform. Making this implementation was possible due to the XPLUS team. The new ERP system supports business processes and also will enable the organization to handle any present and future requirements that the business needs to fulfill.
PACCOR GROUP has chosen to use Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management solutions, to ensure better control over data and increased traceability associated with all components in the production process. All in all, Microsoft Dynamics 365 FSCM has become a single point of data source within PACCOR GROUP.

XPLUS: Microsoft’s Inner Circle Partner

XPLUS is one of the biggest Dynamics 365 Microsoft partners on the Polish market. They employ over 200 experienced employees from different countries in Europe. XPLUS is a leading business and technology Microsoft’s partner in two business verticals: project-oriented businesses and the manufacturing industry.

Achieved results

Main benefits of D365 FSCM implementation:
  • creation of the Global Template to standardize business processes in PACCOR GROUP,
  • automated process steps enabled us to increase process efficiency and enhanced system support for processes,
  • making strategic and long-term decisions based on consistent and reliable data,
  • supporting business continuity, especially timeliness, and correctness of business processes,
  • ensuring full compliance with external and internal regulations.
“We recommend XPLUS as an IT transformation partner for companies operating in the manufacturing industry.”

Waldemar Góra,
Vice President Group IT

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