Dynamics AX Implementation in Warbud

Patrycja Kopania
Sunday March 20, 2022
2 min read

Warbud has been operating since 1992. We are a construction company operating on all markets in Poland, we are a general contractor. We have set ourselves a goal to be the leader of construction companies on the market of new technologies in 2 - 3, up to 5 years.

At Warbud S.A., we were looking for a solution that would, on the one hand, allow us to replace old IT systems and, on the other hand, support our processes to make them more effective and user-friendly.

We decided on an ERP class system because of its flexibility. All the time we had in the back of our minds the fact that this is a system that is supposed to help construction sites work, so we wanted to implement construction management, resource management, project management and Microsoft Dynamics AX fit perfectly here.

Warbud needed an integrated ERP system for accounting, finance, human resources and payroll. We had already used applications from Microsoft technology stack, including Office, SharePoint and Exchange, that’s why Microsoft Dynamics was a natural choice when it came to implementation of ERP system. It was also extremely important that our implementation partner – XPLUS SA, already had experience in implementing Microsoft Dynamics in the construction industry. Thanks to that, we could benefit from their expert knowledge and ready solutions.

Rafał Gliński,
Head of ERP Development and Maintenance Department
Dozens of different pieces of equipment roll through the construction site every day, we don't have time to inventory them, let alone think about how to do it. On one of the construction sites, Dynamics allowed us to reduce the time spent on inventory from 8 hours to 1 hour. One of the time-consuming and necessary activities at the construction site is keeping a concreting log.

In the past, concrete delivery data was only entered into the program operated exclusively by Warbud Beton. Today, Warbud S.A. can import all the necessary information on concrete deliveries with just a few clicks. An operation that used to take us a few hours now takes us only a few minutes.

The implemented solution allows us to minimize the amount of paperwork, which translates into lower costs and better organization of work. Moreover, reports submitted to other entities are up-to-date, reliable and consistent.

New technologies fundamentally change the company's organizational culture, raise it to a higher level, and thanks to this we also achieve a competitive advantage over other construction companies.

Mirosław Józefczuk,
Członek Zarządu Warbud S.A.

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