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Patrycja Kopania
Wednesday February 23, 2022
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The international Bury Group specializing in a mass production has been manufacturing equipment for the automotive industry for 300 years now. Currently, we supply equipment and original accessories for the cars of the Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW, and Toyota companies. We hire approximately  2,000 employees working in Poland, Germany, and Mexico.

The automotive industry undergoes quick changes, yet one thing remains constant - the OTIF indicator exhibiting the perfect quality of supplies. Quality and time are significant, but the safety and comfort of the final customer may not be forgotten.

Bury company was seeking an ERP system for efficient management of production that would allow it to fulfill the high expectations of the customers. EDI, the Electronic Data Interchange, is a standard in our industry that we had been using previously. We were looking, however, for a method to make it more efficient.

Mariusz Bielawa
CIO, Bury Sp. z o. o.

The company had specific requirements with regards to the supplier and the system that would allow for planning and accounting for the production in a time of dynamic changes, as well as to integrate complex processes in the company and supply an advanced tool that would be intuitive and user-friendly.

Microsoft Dynamics was our selection as it provided the key processes in our business operation. This included all processes from purchases and design, through industrial-scale production up to sales. We wanted to make sure that the system would provide for what is characteristic of our company, namely the diverse nature of production and the geographical dispersion of our division.
The system has proven itself the most in planning and production, starting from planning the purchase of materials, through planning the orders up to planning the dispatches. It also integrates with industrial automation, which makes it possible to monitor the processes at each stage.
Also, the sales system became automated and the customers received an Internet portal while the document exchange proceedes by means of EDI. The system generates orders and operates in advance to ensure workflow up to the acceptance of orders and deliveries to the warehouse. Additionally, the WMS allows the customer to manage their warehouse remotely.

In hindsight, my assessment of the implementation Microsoft Dynamics tool in our company is positive. The tool allowed us to achieve effective exchange and management of information in the company, which improved our processes and had a positive impact on the customer service quality.

Paweł Markowski,
Chief Quality Officer, Bury Sp. z o. o.

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