XPLUS with Microsoft Business Applications Inner Circle award – we did it again!

Tuesday October 11, 2022
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Every year, Microsoft honors their highest performing partners. Next to the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award, another sought-after recognition is the Microsoft Business Applications Inner Circle Award.    
It is with great pride that we can share that XPLUS has been nominated for the 3rd time with the Microsoft Inner Circle 2022/2023 award. Microsoft Inner Circle represents only the top 1% Microsoft Partners around the world. We are we only partner in the CEE region that has been awarded.

What is Inner Circle? 

Inner Circle is the name for an elite group of most strategic Microsoft Business Application partners. They come from across the globe – there is no restriction to the place where the business is conducted. Microsoft annually celebrates successes related to partner competencies that have benefited their customers. For partners, it is also a motivation to do better every year and set the bar higher when it comes to gaining clients’ trust and helping them in the competing market.  
Each year, we recognize and honor a select group of Microsoft Dynamics partners from around the world for exemplary performance. […] These award-winning partners inspire us by the standards they set and the impact they have on the business. Microsoft’s success is a direct result of their contribution, and it is an honor to recognize them for their achievements this past year and for their dedication and support of Microsoft Dynamics applications.” 

/Neil Holloway, Corporate Vice President, MBS Sales & Partners/ 

How to win? 

First, you obviously need to be a Microsoft partner. Secondly – as with every award – there is a competition. Throughout the year, partners need to demonstrate exceptional levels of growth – but that’s not enough. This has to be achieved while delivering innovative solutions which have proved for the customers to be driving their businesses forward.  

What are the benefits? 

Apart from the trophy – which in itself is an award, too – Business Application Inner Circle Membership is an exclusive opportunity to engage more with Microsoft. The elite group members engage with their peers as well as Microsoft executives through a series of meetings. Those take place on a monthly basis. What are the discussed topics? They are the ideas suggested by the whole community that help the customers drive innovation and growth. During the meetings, the recognized partners can ask questions to get valuable insights from those who are closest to information. They can use this platform as a forum for exchanging ideas, sharing their projects and looking for new ways of introducing digital change and increasing value in their customer engagement.     Curious to know more about Microsoft Partner Network? Read our article about the upcoming changes here What does it mean to be a Microsoft Gold Partner? - XPLUS S.A. ( 

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