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Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications meet the growing expectations of the retail industry. The constant evolution of technology, customers’ growing awareness and the declining importance of advertising bring new challenges on this difficult and highly competitive market.
What you gain

An extremely functional and flexible portfolio of business applications

Dynamics 365 combines the functionality of ERP and CRM systems, office software, content management apps, and tools designed strictly for retail needs. It offers a connection and unification of retail experiences focused on customer with intelligent, adaptive business applications.
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Trading through different channels
Solutions combining office, store and service offices, including the creation of personalized and intelligent websites and online stores.
Omnichannel customer service
Instantly connect and exchange information with customers via digital messaging channels.
Reliable customer data platform
A better understanding of customer behavior and unification of customer data in real-time, using digital analytics and AI.
Fraud and loss prevention
An AI solution defending company (and its reputation) against bot attacks, fake accounts creation or takeover, and fraudulent accounts access.
The fastest response to customer needs
Increasing opportunities and better integration of sales processes thanks to the use of mixed reality (MR).

Products and services built on years of experience

In XPLUS we develop solutions supporting cross-platform automated testing (Executive Automats), data anonymization (XPLUS GDPR Anonymization Tool) and process automation (Webcon). They allow for the maintenance and development of the company's business processes, quick response to legal regulations (GDPR/PII, VAT/GST, etc.), and dynamically changing market needs.

We are proficient in solving complex tasks and challenges.

Our goal is an efficient response to unique customer needs. Our field of expertise is the implementation and development of solutions tailored to the specifics of dispersed, multinational organizations. We will be happy to help your business.

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