Single digital workspace for all users

Design and run up to 90% of all business applications with a single platform. Effectively adapt applications to the changing work environment and constantly evolving business requirements.
Single application platform
No coding
Drag, drop & save
User friendly interface
Automation and optimization
Time and cost savvy
Increase in efficiency and productivity
Financial, time and headcount savings through task automation, process optimalization and improvements in communication.
"Paperless office"
Data and document access from every place, at any time and via various devices.
Easier and faster implementation and maintenance of all the necessary business applications using one platform.
Increased productivity of IT department
Training in just two days, up to 50% shorter application delivery time compared to competitive low-code platforms.
"Workflow & forms"
Design complete applications with drag and drop graphical interface of WEBCON BPS Designer Studio.
"Business rules engine"
Control application logic with business rules. Modify them on the fly, nest and reuse to manage changes efficiently.
Initiate workflows based on events in your company external systems: ERP, CRM, SharePoint or any other third party platform.
Document management
Use barcodes, register documents’ metadata using OCR, generate Word, PDF, and Excel files.
InstantChangeTM technology
Make adjustments as you go, effortlessly adapt applications to the changing company environment and business requirements.

We are proficient in solving complex tasks and challenges.

Our goal is an efficient response to unique customer needs. Our field of expertise is the implementation and development of solutions tailored to the specifics of dispersed, multinational organizations. We will be happy to help your business.

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